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All the latest news and info about _G_R_O_V_E_R_, including occasional links to songs by Grover!

15-Oct... My PRODUCTION & MIX SHOWREEL finally online: SongsByGROVER on Soundcloud. The super-old demo versions of the songs below will also be replaced with the totally new final versions pretty soon - get excited!

19-Mar... My production portfolio is coming soon... it's taken a lot of hard work over the last few years, but i'm finally at the point where i can make songs sound exactly how i want them to, which is what you need to be a professional producer! And that means I can finally finish my debut solo album to the point where I'm happy with it :) STAY TUNED.

11-Oct... Working hard on producing albums and singles for some great artists...more soon!

09-Jun... Finally my first real music vid is finished - watch it here (scroll down!!!)

21-May... Official music video for Close To Me coming shortly, it's looking hotttttt :)

10-May... Some more big shows to be announced very soon (not allowed to say yet!)

14-Apr... SongsByGROVER.com is now active - Booyah. Gunna have a lot of stuff coming soon, should be touring soon. Yeah!

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The lowdown on the man they call _G_R_O_V_E_R_, and the songs he's been making!

“Like if Arctic Monkeys was produced by David Guetta…”

Since early 2009, that was the goal – to create the perfect blend of authentic British guitar music with mainstream dance and pop. And now, 2 years later, it’s finally ready to go public.

_G_R_O_V_E_R_ is the solo project of UK-based pop and rock producer James Grover. After playing hundreds of shows across the UK, Europe and the US with his band Broadway's Not Ready between 2005 and 2008, he started to pursue new avenues of songwriting and music production, covering genres from dance and pop to indie rock and electro.

Planned for release this summer, GROVER’s first mainstream solo album, "THE DAYDREAM (life in the clouds)", is the culmination of this effort.

Unusually for the pop genre, it is a loosely-based concept album, spanning the course of an imagined relationship through a series of daydreams, bookended by the real-world narrative of the opening and closing tracks.

Entirely self produced, final mixing began on the album in January 2011, and 4 preview tracks were released to the public on 12th March 2011, to strong positive feedback.

Now in talks over management and distribution, _G_R_O_V_E_R_ will be hitting the road and the radio hard this summer.

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